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Web Adaptation
  Websites are essential

Nowadays websites are essential. In many ways they are often a replacement for, and sometimes an addition to, an expensive brochure or presentation material. A well-designed website with the right content can make a crucial difference to the effectiveness of your company message.

Careful Targeting

You will surely have come across a website in which the translation was poor. In all probability, these texts were not produced a by a mother-tongue translator. King's Translation & Copywriting will ensure this does not happen. By carefully studying your requirements and your target audience, we will adapt your text to local conditions and culture.

Web services

The Internet is a powerful medium to promote your products and services. It can, amongst other things, be used:
  • To enhance awareness of a company's image
  • To support / replace catalogues or brochures
  • To gain customer feedback
  • For online sales
  • As a database resource
  • And many other things besides
Many websites, many languages

The Internet has the potential to reach a global audience, in many different languages. Today most global enterprises and SMEs publish their websites in their native language plus another (usually English).

These same companies will probably have their websites in five or more languages in the near future.

Website solutions

King's Translation & Copywriting will help you in the process of website translation so that you can increase your Internet reach. If you are interested in a global website solution, King's will propose a design package for your website, adapted to a multilingual environment.

If you want to make your website available in more of the major languages, we believe you can offer something extra. We can help with this multilingual goal. You can send us your files in any internet format (HTML, Flash, Java and others), and King's will carry out the translation, conversion, delivery and maintenance. It's that simple.

Website design

A proper translation is essential for your website - and so is a proper design. Together with our partners, companies who specialise in website design and creation, including graphics (logos, banners etc.), King's Translation & Copywriting will help you create the website that is just right for you.
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