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General Terms


Unless otherwise agreed with the Client (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”), any order placed with King's Translation & Copywriting sprl (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) must be covered by a written purchase order.

Any change in an order while it is being filled can give rise to an increase in price. Likewise, compensation shall be paid for the cancellation of an order either while it is being filled or prior to this if the schedule of the Company has been reserved for this purpose. Compensation will also be applied in the event of a delay in the arrival of an announced order.

The Company may accept or refuse orders received. Acceptance by the Client will be taken as a confirmation for the Company to proceed with the order. The Client must prove acceptance or refusal in writing. In the event that the parties have agreed on a down payment, the order shall become final only following receipt of the down payment by the Company. Likewise, in the event that the Client has undertaken to deliver to the Company documentation or special instructions relating to the work to be done, the order shall not become final until after their receipt.


Prices shall be invoiced on the basis of the rates established by the Company. Unless otherwise agreed, the prices invoiced shall be those in force at the time of supply.

Prices shall be invoiced on the basis of the rates established by the Company. Unless otherwise agreed, the prices invoiced shall be those in force at the time of supply.


The transport and delivery of supplies shall be at the Client’s risk. The responsibility of the Company shall cease with departure or delivery from its offices of the supplies.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Company invoices shall be paid on receipt, using the payment instructions specified therein. Any amount unpaid on the date on which payment is due shall give rise automatically and without a prior formal notice to interest of 1.5% per (calendar) month of delay. Without prejudice to payment of this interest, an increase of 20% in the amount of the invoice, with a minimum of EUR(€) 50, shall be applied by way of lump-sum damages.

Non-payment of an invoice on its due date shall make immediately payable all the sums due to date, irrespective of the payment facilities previously granted. In the event that a dispute file is opened, a minimum amount of EUR ((€) 125 shall be payable to the Company in respect of administration costs.


Our supplies shall be considered as definitively accepted three days after the date of delivery. Any claim must reach us in writing within the said period. Any lack of quality of part of the delivery shall not give the right to refuse the entire supply. The Client shall take full responsibility for any consequences resulting from publication or dissemination by the Client of the texts drawn up and/or translated by the Company which the Client would have previously endorsed.

The fact that the Company later accepts work shall not imply any renunciation of the provisions set forth above in respect of invoices which are still unpaid.

Any claim relating to our invoices must reach us in writing within five working days of their dispatch. After this period, they shall be considered accepted. A claim shall not exempt the Client from full payment on the due date of the invoice in question.

The Client is not authorized to suspend payment before the Company recognizes the validity of the Client’s claim.

Unless an explicit exemption is granted, the Company invoices shall be subject to these general terms and conditions. Acceptance by the Company of a derogation to one or more clauses of the said general terms and conditions may not be interpreted as a renunciation of its right to require strict compliance with them.

These conditions shall prevail over those of the Client even when there is a discrepancy between them.

All the terms and conditions stipulated above shall be considered accepted without restriction or reservation by the very fact of placing a work order with, agreeing to an offer or accepting an invoice from the Company.


In the event of a dispute, irrespective of the cause, the Brussels courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

The law applicable shall be Belgian law, to the exclusion of international agreements.
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