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  Our areas include...

Arts & Culture
Articles and promotional literature on the theatre, music, film, culture, tourism and travel.

Communications & Copywriting
Direct mail, print advertising, product leaflets, corporate brochures, company magazines, web sites - from concept development to copywriting and multilingual adaptation.

Technical, legal, policy and promotional documents on environmental issues, including packaging, waste sorting, recovery and recycling.

European and International Affairs
Documents relating to EU affairs, developments in non-EU countries, international development work.

Litigation, Competition Law, Labour Law, contracts and agreements.

Research studies, trials, testimonials, product inserts.

Regional Development & Social Policy
Studies, EU project applications and reports on social and regional development policies and programmes.

Telecommunications, Science and Technology
Technical, legal and promotional publications on new technologies and services; telecommunications, transport, building materials, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

......and others
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